Case of 6 Comfort Cubs. (NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP TO CANADA)

Contact when ordering for hospitals and organizations - contact us for even more savings when purchasing multiple cases! 

For your organization or hospital, select the 6 pack option and save off the price of our single cubs.  Normal rate for 6 cubs would be $299.70 ($49.95 each).  Select 6 cubs for $270, a savings of $30.30 per case of 6 cubs ($44.95 each).


The Comfort Cub is in key hospitals and institutions around the country.  They have seen the huge benefit of keeping the Comfort Cub on hand to provide patients in the event of a huge loss.  


FedEx Shipping Only on this item at a rate of $27.23 to anywhere in the USA.  (Note: this is the only shipping method for a case of six cubs.)


NOTE: Special pricing available for hospitals and institutions. Contact us at for more info or to get a quote. Our goal is to reply within 24-48 hours.


Shipping Table (Please email us at for a quote beyond 24 cubs).  As of February 2020.


# of Cubs Pounds Shipping Rate
1 4 $15.05
2 8 $21.10
3-6 Cubs 8-24 $27.23
7 28 $43.48
8-12 Cubs 32-48 $54.46
13 52 $70.71
14 56 $81.69
15-18 Cubs 60-72 $81.69
19 76 $97.94
20 80 $108.92
21-24 Cubs 84-96 $108.92

Case of 6 Cubs and Save

Choose a Card
  • Included with your purchase is a set of loss cards. Please choose one from the available options area.  Case of 6 Comfort Cubs.  Requires FedEx Shipping, USPS not available for this size.  Special pricing available for hospitals and institutions. Contact us for more info.

The mission of The Comfort Cub is to bring comfort to anyone experiencing a broken heart as a result of a significant loss or trauma

The Comfort Cub is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization.
All donations are tax deductible. Tax ID is 46-4057926

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