Día de los Muertos | Remembering Those we Loved and Lost

Guest author Laura M.

The Day of the Dead, otherwise known as Día de los Muertos, is a Mexican custom celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. It has been our family tradition, since I have had use of reason, to put a little altar up with offerings of the favorite food and drink of family members and loved ones who have passed away. Other items such as pictures, memories and items representing our lost loved ones are also placed on on the altar. For the past several years, since my introduction to Comfort Cub, I have placed my Comfort Cub on my altar to commemorate and remember my lost child. I nicknamed my lost child Beanie Baby and it has seemed even more fitting to have my Comfort Cub represent my child's memory.

This shows our family altar with their favorite foods and photos to commemorate and celebrate

It is believed that on the night of November 1st and 2nd your loved ones come from the other realm, from heaven, or wherever else they might be, to join those that remember them and visit while joining in a meal and bestowing their blessings upon those they are remembered by. Mexican people go and have feasts and visit their dead at the cemeteries on these days and many Mexican Americans have altars at their home and pray and remember them by giving them these offerings.

Every year this tradition brings me to tears.  To just think or talk about putting my little Comfort Cub on that altar and not having my little boy is heart breaking and yet at the same time it also brings me joy to be able to celebrate the significance of my child's existence.  The Comfort Cub is a representation of my Beanie Baby, since I have no picture of my lost child, and symbolizes the love and memory that I will always have for him. The thought of my child visiting from wherever he might be gives me a deep sense of happiness and to have them see the Comfort Cub (for me my Beanie Baby) at the family Día de los Muertos altar to let him know that his mother has never forgotten him brings warmth to my heart.

This shows my daughters and I being Comfort Cub ambassadors and talking about The Comfort Cub to the Kiwanis Club where we received a small grant.

Since my loss I have had the blessing of having 3 beautiful little girls, whom I adore, but I have never forgotten my first child.  Now that they are old enough and understand and participate in our family traditions they know the significance of his memory and help me place our Comfort Cub on the altar along side images of their Great Grandparents and lost loved ones.  It is beautiful to celebrate the existence and significance of the life of those you have loved that have left this world and to remember the impact their life, long or short, has had.

This image is of my twins. It was a miracle for me to have them and in memory of my Beanie Baby, the son I lost, I dressed them up as little Cubs.

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