Book - The Family Portrait: A Struggle to have a Family

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Introducing author Carol Johnson

We are pleased to introduce you to Carol Johnson.  She is a wife and mother of six children although today she only has one living son.  She is the author of “The Family Portrait."  The Family Portrait is her complete story of struggle to have a family.  While the majority of women don’t have difficulty conceiving and delivering a baby, that was not the case for Carol.  

Carol and her husband married young.  They both had very normal lives up until then.  However, soon after saying their “I do’s,” her husband became deathly ill.  That was their first challenge in life.  As horrible as that was, the path that was ahead of them could not be imagined. 

What Carol and her husband endured to have their son is depicted in "The Family Portrait."

Everyone knows someone who has lost a baby.  Maybe you have lost a baby.  When you have a baby, that baby changes your life forever.  When you lose a baby, you lose your identity.  Are you still a mom or a dad without your baby?    This is a story of perseverance.  A story everyone should read.

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