Acts of Kindness - How Ripples of Love Help Hearts Heal

Guest Post by Tiffani L.

In April 2017, my husband and I lost our 9 month old daughter, Zoey, to what we later found out was an aggressive and rare form of pneumonia. A good friend of mine was given a Comfort Cub by a coworker to pass along to me. Apparently her own loss inspired her to keep a trunk of Comfort Cubs handy to give out to grieving mothers.

Since then my husband and I have donated Cubs to the funeral home that handled our daughter’s services.  My sister in law hosted a donation-based yoga class for those living with grief and raised enough money to purchase Cubs to have on hand for mothers at our local hospital. We have even incorporated the cub into family photos. It is a way for us to represent that our family has another member who isn’t physical with us anymore. 

Tiffani's daughter playing with their cub who represents the sister who isn't physically with them, but represents the love they all have for her. Photo Credit: Holly Plumadore

One of the cubs is going to the sister of a friend who lost her 5 year old daughter after complications from her treatments for leukemia. 

So many beautiful people stepped forward with acts of kindness, big and small, when we lost our Zoey. My sister in law called it a “ripple of love”. We just want to keep it going. 

Thanks for helping our little ripple of love and light move along.

Photo Credit: Holly Plumadore

A family photo of guest blogger Tiffani and her beautiful family.

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