I'm not a teddy bear. 
I'm a weighted therapeutic
Comfort Cub

Invented with LOVE

to Help Heal a Broken Heart 


Marcella's Story

In 1999 I was 6 months pregnant with my third baby.  That is when my husband and I got the devastating news that our unborn baby boy had a congenital, life-limiting prognosis. The doctors told us if he lived to term he could die during the delivery. If he survived the delivery, he would die shortly after. There was no way to prepare for news like this, there was no way to get my mind around the idea of life and death surfacing at the same time.

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  Broken Heart Syndrome      (Takotsubo Syndrome)

Have you experienced a grief so profound you felt your heart was broken? Broken Heart Syndrome or "Takotsubo Syndrome" is a condition that is very real and affects people from all walks of life. It causes the heart's left ventricle to enlarge when the body and mind deals with severe grief, stress, and trauma. This in turn produces many other symptoms throughout the body that make it difficult to function normally..


How can you help a loved one?

Your best friend just lost a loved one.  Your sister just lost her father-in-law.  Your neighbor just lost a child.  What can you do?  You can help heal their broken heart by providing them with a hug with lasting power.  The Comfort Cub is a weighted teddy bear that provides therapeutic and emotional relief. ​  This is a gift that lasts and provides soothing comfort to whoever holds it in their arms.


The world's first weighted therapeutic bear 

The Comfort Cub is the world's very first weighted therapeutic teddy bear.  It was invented by founder Marcella Johnson in 1999 after the loss her infant son, George, due to a congenital disease.  The Cub was developed to help other mothers who suffered from the loss of their infant. The Comfort Cub is specially weighted and is intended to simulate the weighted comfort of cradling a newborn.

While the initial intent of The Comfort Cub was for child loss, evidence shows it provides profound relief for any traumatic event. This includes having to leave the hospital while your baby is still in the NICU, the loss of a spouse, parent, loved one or beloved pet. It has also been effective for occupational & autism therapy, adoptions and those experiencing divorce or traumatic loss.

Due to deep touch pressure, holding The Comfort Cub triggers the brain to release key neurotransmitters and "the cuddle hormone", which causes the body to relax and feel comforted. The Comfort Cub has been scientifically proven to decrease heaviness in the chest & aching in the arms, as well as other physical manifestations of a distressing loss.


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